What can volunteers do?

  • Parent volunteers are involved in almost every area of school life.
  • Classroom volunteers help teachers by making copies, working one-on-one with some students, and chaperoning field trips.
  • Library volunteers help shelve and check out books.
  • Athletics volunteers coach junior sports, provide snacks for athletes, and work within our athletic program to help raise funds through concession and ticket sales.
  • Drama volunteers make costumes, help with set construction and prop procurement.
  • Development volunteers make the Gold Ribbon Gala and Grandparent Day run smoothly.
  • Other volunteers help with campus maintenance and beautification.

 Is there a volunteer requirement at Schaeffer Academy?

  • We don't require volunteer hours as part of normal school life.
  • Some extracurriculars (certain athletic sports and drama) require volunteer participation or an additional fee.

 I'm can I volunteer?

  • To volunteer in a classroom or the library, contact the specific teacher or contact Ann Knodel in the school office at 507-286-1050.
  • To volunteer at an event such as the Gold Ribbon Gala, contact David Chan in the school office at 507-286-1050.
  • To volunteer for athletics, contact the coach of your child's sport or the Athletic Director at 507-286-1050.