Academy Life


Do you want to know more about life at Schaeffer Academy?

  • Our school day is 7:45 am to 2:50 pm for grades 1-12 and all-day kindergarten; late-start kindergarten is 11:50 am - 2:50 pm. 
  • Read our in-house school newsletter, Vox Leonis, published every two weeks during the school year.
  • Solidus is our twice-yearly development magazine where you can read about student achievements and school life.
  • The Annual Report, published for our October annual meeting, gives a snapshot of the school's most recent financial year.
  • To get a picture of the whole school year on a single page, go to the Year-at-a-Glance calendar.
  • Alumni should check updates on their page.
  • The Gold Ribbon Gala is our annual fundraising auction and one of Schaeffer Academy's most important events each year.
  • For a broad overview of what goes on by grade, see our student traditions.