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What is Christian, Classical Education?


At Schaeffer Academy, we provide a Christian and classical education which emphasizes academic excellence. As a Christian school, we are Christ-centered rather than man-centered. We instruct students that all life and learning are part of an integrated whole with God and the Scriptures at the center. We believe that truth is objective, knowable and absolute rather than relative. We seek to develop critical, logical thinking by emphasizing what is true and good rather than what is politically correct at this moment in history.

As a classical school, we utilize the Trivium. This method of instruction has its origins in the Middle Ages and consists of three stages—grammar, logic and rhetoric. In the elementary grades, students are first taught the grammar, or facts and rules, of each subject. Logic or dialectic follows in middle school and teaches students to fit together the facts and rules of the grammar stage to produce a cohesive whole. High school students are instructed in rhetoric which teaches them to communicate clearly, effectively, and eloquently the knowledge acquired throughout their academic career. Schaeffer Academy’s goal is to graduate students who are able to think clearly, reason soundly, write gracefully, and live faithfully.

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